LUKOIL chooses ICASA to make its stations future proof

february 03, 2022
LUKOIL chooses ICASA to make its stations future proof

To be ready for future challenges LUKOIL will make use of the ICASA Suite for managing their stations and shops via one single cloud platform. To offer LUKOIL a full retail automation solution ICASA joined forces with TSG, while Dover Fueling Solutions supplied all devices.

Lukoil gas station

One-time billing

“The new EV functionality that ICASA offers includes 2 types of invoicing. On one hand, there are one-time invoices, such as for the purchase of an EV charger, installation and activation costs, technical inspection, etc. We offer CPOs the option to grant discounts to their customers or to split the one-time cost, the so-called milestone billing.”

End-to-end cloud solution

‘We are delighted to guide LUKOIL in this next step’, Rudi Bollen – CEO of ICASA Group – explains. ‘With our ICASA Suite we offer our customers a single cloud solution to run their business from beginning to end. By further automating all business processes into a central management system, we assist LUKOIL in maximizing their productivity, controlling their costs and managing their energy business. And we provide the flexibility of implementing a solution which perfectly matches the changing needs and wishes of our partner’s business and will guide them throughout the energy transition. To offer LUKOIL a full retail automation solution we joined forces with TSG (Tokheim Service Group), while Dover Fueling Solutions supplied all devices. The teams of ICASA and TSG have worked as one, side by side with one single focus on delivering a successful project and full customer service.’

Optimize our business

‘We have completed the rollout of the ICASA Suite for LUKOIL BELUX’, Thomas Wellens – IT Manager of LUKOIL Western Europe – explains. ‘We needed a solid solution for managing our stations and shops, from mobile payments and POS operations, to analysis, reporting, inventory management and invoicing. That is why we were looking for a software supplier with a total and integrated solution. Dover Fueling Solutions supplied the FuelPOS and Crypto terminal, while TSG was responsible for the installation and services.
ICASA has integrated the station’s head and back office (for fuel and shop) into our POS system which makes the management of the stations easier, more flexible and more user-friendly. The integration of our price book – which ensures that all products are shown on the FuelPOS – allows us to easily submit new prices and customize default standard prices. Thanks to the price management system fuel price changes are centrally managed and directly communicated to our FuelPOS in the correct format. In addition, ICASA has ensured flawless integration with SAP. One of the strengths of the ICASA Suite is that it guarantees flexible and streamlined processes that can be easily customized according to new situations or changing needs, allowing us to continuously optimize our business and to be ready for the current and future challenges of the energy transition.’

Flexibility in running stations & shops

‘With the ICASA Suite, we give our customers a lot of flexi bility in running their stations and shops’, Rudi Bollen continues. ‘Wet stock recording is directly connected to the ICASA Suite, which enables them to centralize their stock levels, price management and transactional details for all stations. We offer the possibility of having multiple dry stock suppliers to best suit their operating model, not only for a given station but also for their entire network. Using the handheld scanners and the ICASA Shop app – which interacts continuously and directly with the ICASA Suite – the shop manager can manage his orders, deliveries, inventories and expired products in a simple and efficient way.’

Extensive management reporting

Based on the daily reports and extensive management reporting we can control and analyze the performance and the profitability of our stations’, Thomas Wellens concludes. ‘Standard dashboards with extensive configuration options offer great added value to monitor, evaluate and adjust matters wherever required allowing us to manage the full wet and dry stock.

Tomorrow’s Mobility & Energy Management, Today with ICASA

ICASA has more than 30 years of experience in the energy sector and is a major player with its total and integrated cloud solution for the management of all energy activities and energy types – traditional fuels as well as LNG/CNG, hydrogen and electrical charging. ICASA aims at guiding its customers throughout the energy transition and actively strives to fulfill their business processes with the ICASA Suite, not only focusing on today’s requirements, but also enabling them in evolving from an energy supplier to a mobility provider. And doing this using a secure and reliable cloud solution. As technologies in the line of renewable energy are rapidly evolving, it’s even more important to keep tabs on and to be able to quickly respond to the varying needs of companies. With technologies, business trends and customer expectations evolving at an ever increasing pace, ICASA is staying abreast of these new trends and incorporates them in its extensive portfolio of management solutions once sufficiently safe and mature technologies are at hand.

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