More than 30 years of experience

We have more than 30 years of experience in the energy industry and are a major player with our fully integrated end-to-end cloud solution for energy, mobility and convenience management, covering all types of energy. From petrol and LNG/CNG, to hydrogen and EV charging.

  • Fuel retailers face numerous challenges, including the energy transition, changing customer behavior and expectations, technological changes, and advanced mobility solutions. How does this disruption impact stations and convenience stores? We help retailers make their stations future-proof by guiding them through these changes and enabling them to evolve from energy suppliers to mobility providers.
  • We actively strive to fulfill all business processes with the ICASA (Energy) Suite. We support customers in efficiently managing their retail networks, by providing all tools to manage all energy types and in facilitating efficient end-to-end shop management as well as offering mobility services to its users. All while using a secure and reliable cloud solution.

International presence

From our Belgian headquarters and our different foreign branch offices, we service our global customer base. We fully focus on providing our software suite on a global scale. Moreover, to support our global customers as locally as possible, we have strong local partners.


A long-term relationship

Our customers are at the center of everything we do. We focus on building a long-term relationship as true partners and search the most appropriate solution to improve your operational level and to support the growth of your business.

Corporate social responsibility

Whether it’s called CSR (corporate social responsibility) or ESG (environmental, social and governance), reporting on corporate commitments in these areas has become increasingly important the past few years. The major oil companies have faced growing pressure on their ESG commitments. Every company, big or small, has an impact on and a responsibility towards our society. 

Non-profit organization Aketi

As a company, we underline and value the importance of corporate social responsibility. We have chosen to partner up with the non-profit organization Aketi who focuses entirely on humanitarian and social projects related to the fundamental necessities, such as health, education and training of the population in Aketi (Congo, Central Africa). As Aketi’s vision is in line with our philosophy and long-term vision, we gladly join forces and knowledge to support these fundamental projects.