Digitalize and automate your business processes

DECEMBER 21, 2021
The power of data

The energy retail market is on the move. Disruption and digital transformation will redefine the future of fuel retailing. With the ICASA Suite we stay closely on track of these developments. As the market and the needs of our customers evolve, ICASA is constantly adjusting and enhancing its ICASA Suite.

Digitalization & central management

Do you want to automate complex business processes or do you have smaller digitalization challenges? Today, more and more companies are striving towards a ‘paperless office’, where single use of paper is avoided as much as possible. This naturally entails significant cost savings and has a positive impact on the environment. But in addition, the digitization and central management of documents mainly ensures a more efficient and faster way of working.

Digital signature

Document management, document automation, a secure digital archive, … with the ICASA Suite you keep all your documents in one place but still at hand wherever you are. As standard, we offer a lot of basic functionalities. However, it is always possible to add extra tailor-made functionalities (e.g. specific workflows, processes …).

The ICASA Suite now also offers you the possibility of signing your documents and contracts digitally. A digital signature can be done in 3 different ways: signing with your name, your autograph via a touch pad or with your passport data. All 3 methods are legally covered and come with a 2 factor authentication to verify the user’s authenticity. We can even personalize the portal where your customer has to sign by branding it with your logo or adding documents.

We support your digital future

We are happy to support you with your digital transition or automation project. After all, change is not just striving for innovative technology, but also taking the entire organization along with this new dynamic and digital future while supporting the organic growth. Want to know more? Get in touch!

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