ICNC23 focuses on EV charging industry's challenges

SEPTEMBER 18, 2023
ICNC23 focuses on EV challenges

On August 29-30 ICASA joined the intercharge network conference 2023, the eMobility event for the EV charging industry in Berlin. The theme for this year was ‘Paths to Profitability: Next Generation Business Models.

Current and future growing pains

The EV charging industry is composed of interactive segments that must merge and intersect in the right ways for the eMobility ecosystem to be balanced and adaptable. Manufacturers, infrastructure and software providers, regulatory, and subsidizing partners must have functional business models in place to ensure they can stand the test of the EV charging industry’s current and future growing pains.

To set the eMobility ecosystem up for success, the organization invited thought leaders of the industry to present actionable solutions for a variety of businesses. therefore, the theme of the intercharge network conference for this year was ‘Paths to Profitability: Next Generation Business Models’.

Intercharge Network Conference 2023

New insights & latest trends

Our goal was to gain new insights on the EV charging industry’s current and future challenges, and to learn about the latest trends including the integration of AI in the EV sector, Plug&Charge and direct payments.

We attended several keynotes that focused on various revenue models within the EV industry, such as subscription models, charging infrastructure and CPO/EMSP platforms. Both AI and Payments play a crucial role in improving efficiency, reliability and user experience within the EV industry.

Source: intercharge network conference

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