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JUNE 20, 2023
Non-profit organization Aketi starts building a new school

With the international growth of ICASA, we find it important to contribute to the international community as well as to local initiatives. A few years ago ICASA has chosen to partner up with the non-profit organization Aketi, who focuses entirely on humanitarian and social projects related to the fundamental necessities, health of the population, and education and training in Aketi (located in the north of Congo, 450 km from Kisangani).

Achieve long-term vision

At Aketi, responsibility is key. It is important that young individuals strive to increase their knowledge and improve their future. Because Aketi’s vision is in line with our philosophy and long-term vision, ICASA has committed to providing financial support to a number of students for 5 years by offering them the opportunity to go to Kisangani University.

New school

In 2021 the non-profit organization built a new school to give the youngest children the opportunity to go to school and to get the education they are entitled to. Because the level of study is so low (they have no books, no notebooks, and have to rehearse everything) hard work is being done to update their knowledge in the 6th year. 

Non-profit organization Aketi

Academics for Development

The organization has started a project together with the students of AFD (Academics For Development) in Louvain. In 7 of the 23 schools, we are starting with e-learning. In 2024, the university will conduct a competitive examination of the 6th year in the 23 schools, including the 7 schools with e-learning. If this shows that e-learning has brought about a clear quality improvement, then the university can publish this in an official study and try to get funding for its wider application in many more schools and academic years.

Non-profit organization Aketi

In July 4 students from Academics for Development will travel to Aketi. They will stay in Congo for 5 weeks to do the final touch of the installation of e-learning in the 7 schools in Aketi. Most of their stay will be devoted to the training of the teachers. Improving the quality of education is the main objective.

Thanks to the donations and financial support of numerous individuals and companies, the organization was able to donate and install solar panels at the hospital (so that they could work with electricity and light), to acquire an ultrasound machine and to relocate the cyber cafe to a better location.

More info about the non-profit organization Aketi?

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