ICASA launches automated billing for Charge Point Operators

DECEMBER 11, 2023
EV charger

Fuel retailers are increasingly participating in the e-mobility story and are fully committed to expanding charging station networks. Both at their own stations and at third-party sites. Operationally, this entails a lot of extra workload and pressure, especially with regard to the complex billing processes.

ICASA helps Charge Point Operators (CPOs) to automate and streamline subscription-based billing for EV charging services. Sven Renders, e-Mobility & Energy Technology Manager at ICASA, explains.

Automated billing for CPOs

One-time billing

“The new EV functionality that ICASA offers includes 2 types of invoicing. On one hand, there are one-time invoices, such as for the purchase of an EV charger, installation and activation costs, technical inspection, etc. We offer CPOs the option to grant discounts to their customers or to split the one-time cost, the so-called milestone billing.”

Subscription-based billing

“In addition to one-time invoices, CPOs can also automate the billing process of subscriptions with recurring invoicing. Just think of the maintenance or data for the SIM card of the EV chargers, … which can be invoiced on a weekly, monthly or annual basis. You also have the choice of charging this pre or post paid to the end customer. The automatic creation of orders, pro rata calculation and price flexibility are some other interesting features that the ICASA Suite offers. CPOs can choose between flat-rate subscriptions or pricing which is (automatically) adjustable over time. 
In addition, CPOs can also choose to work with a template, so that recurring projects can easily be duplicated and they do not have to start from scratch every time.”

Future-proof solution

“These new features are of course very relevant in the context of e-mobility”, Sven continues, “but design-wise we ensured it can be easily expanded to other products such as solar panels, electric batteries, …. And ICASA goes much broader than just EV. We also support our customers with the creation of credit notes, partner invoicing, end customer invoicing, …”. 

Implementing automated subscription-based billing for CPOs brings many advantages. It not only streamlines the billing process but also enhances customer experience and increases operational efficiency (lower margin of error, saving time and manpower).

Are you looking for a future-proof all-in-one cloud platform that is capable of managing your EV and all other energy (retail) services, seamlessly and automatically? Just reach out and we would be more than happy to explain to you all the possibilities our ICASA Suite can offer to meet your specific business needs.

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