ICASA HQ at the epicenter of innovation

march 14, 2023
Campus Diepenbeek

Campus Diepenbeek, where ICASA HQ is located, is in full growth! There are sky-high ambitions to prepare the campus over the next 8 years to become a campus of the future where education, research and entrepreneurship will optimally interact. As one of the first companies on campus, ICASA is located at the epicenter of innovation and development.

Campus Diepenbeek is changing. The campus will undergo a major transformation in the coming years. It will not only be a place to work and study, but also an experience campus where local residents are welcome to cycle, walk or exercise. In addition to the business space and study places, there is also space on campus for relaxation and recreation. The ambitions and master plans to evolve into a campus of the future with international allure are looking far ahead, until 2030. 

Campus Diepenbeek

A campus of the future is so much more than a proliferation of buildings surrounded by parking spaces. By 2030, water and greenery will again have a prominent place. Green zones connect the campus buildings, creating a good balance between infrastructure and landscape. Education, research and entrepreneurship interact to the fullest. More than ever, the 3 sub-campuses (Education campus, Health Campus and the Building Campus) are connected to each other. Green outdoor spaces and inviting platforms ensure a uniform campus, creating an experiential business, education, research and community life.

Campus Diepenbeek

Source/Pics: ©POM Limburg

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