ICASA and non-profit organization Aketi join forces

MARCH 22, 2020
ICASA and non-profit organization Aketi join forces

With the international growth of ICASA, we find it important to contribute to the international community as well as to local initiatives (such as non-profit organization Stijn). ICASA has recently chosen to partner up with the non-profit organization Aketi.

Non-profit organization Aketi focuses entirely on humanitarian and social projects related to the fundamental necessities, health of the population, and education and training in Aketi (located in the north of Congo, 450 km from Kisangani).

Achieve long-term vision

‘We are very happy and grateful for ICASA’s support. Thanks to this donation, we have more possibilities to further realize our projects and support inhabitants of Aketi’, explains Rina Peeters – one of the founders of the organization. ‘Because Aketi’s vision is in line with our philosophy and long-term vision, we are excited to join forces and knowledge to support these fundamental projects’, Rudi Bollen – CEO of ICASA – clarifies. ‘ICASA is committed to provide financial support to a number of students for 5 years by offering them the opportunity to go to Kisangani University. It is important that young individuals strive to increase their knowledge and improve their future prospects.’

Future-proof solution

‘At Aketi, responsibility is key’, Rina continues. ‘With the help from several professors from the University of Kisangani, we establish to train and guide young individuals. In order to avoid famine and improve food supply, we are teaching individuals how to farm and fish effectively without draining their resources. Thanks to the donations and financial support of numerous individuals and companies, we were able to donate and install solar panels at the hospital so that they could work with electricity and light. This was, in the past, something beyond possibility. In addition, our non-profit organization supports doctors and the nursing staff with medical equipment and medicines.’

Non-profit organization Aketi

‘We highly encourage employment. Those who work, earn money, and more important, can pay for basic necessities as well as college tuition. One of our current projects is the start-up of rubber plantations. This great project provides for plenty of jobs and, in the long term, will also generate profit that will enable society to finance other essential projects’, Rina concludes.

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