How bridge the gap between your EV chargers and your existing forecourt?

june 21, 2023

Are your stations ready for the future? Starting from July 2023 every public charging point in Germany has to offer EV drivers the possibility to charge and pay using debit and credit cards.

The partnership between Dover Fueling Solutions, TSG Group and ICASA Group, and the successful integration with DX Power makes it possible for EV chargers to be included in transactions through the POS system and the outdoor payment terminal. This enables customers to pay for EV charging with cash, as well as debit, credit and fleet cards.


Dover Fueling Solutions partnered with ICASA and TSG to launch DX Power – DFS’ seamless electric vehicle (EV) payment solution – in Europe, which provides station operators with improved visibility and control over all EV transactions and offer flexible payment options.
As part of the strategic partnership, DFS and ICASA completed a successful pilot program, which was conducted at an AVIA VOLT site in Enschede (the Netherlands) and made possible due to the high level of cooperation from AVIA VOLT’s fully working service station.

“The complexity and the biggest challenge of public EV charging lies in the identification and authentication of the EV driver,” Steve Vandermeeren, COO/CTO of ICASA, explains. “The partnership with Dover Fueling Solutions and the successful integration with DX Power allows us to authorize EV charging sessions via both fleet card and bank card, not requiring any subscriptions and providing EV drivers with the freedom to charge anywhere.”

Curious how you can bridge the gap between your EV chargers and your existing forecourt system? Discover how DFS and ICASA joined forces to streamline the site of AVIA VOLT in Enschede. 

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