Future proof your service stations

june 22, 2022

The key objective of ICASA’s business is helping retailers make and keep their service stations future proof. Fuel retailers have had many challenges throughout the years but these have never been bigger than today: the energy transition, changing customer behavior & expectations, technological changes, …

The business is becoming more customer centric and technology will produce new ways of customer engagement. 
ICASA aims at guiding its customers throughout these changes and actively strives to fulfill all business processes with the ICASA Suite, not only focusing on today’s requirements, but also enabling them in evolving from an energy supplier to a mobility provider. And doing this using a secure and reliable cloud solution.

A secure and fully integrated end-to-end cloud platform

With more than 30 years of experience in the energy sector ICASA is a major player with its fully integrated end-to-end cloud solution that can manage all activities on all energy types (traditional fuels as well as LNG/CNG, hydrogen and EV charging), including the authorization of all energy transactions. The ICASA Authorization – which covers the online (real time) capturing, authorization, management and processing of transactions and cards – is fully integrated in the ICASA Suite but can also be used as a stand-alone functionality. 

Tomorrow’s Energy & Mobility Management, Today

As technologies in the line of renewable energy are rapidly evolving, it’s even more important to keep tabs on and to be able to quickly respond to the varying needs of companies. With technologies, business trends and customer expectations evolving at an ever increasing pace, ICASA is staying abreast of these new trends and incorporates them in its extensive portfolio of management solutions once sufficiently safe and mature technologies are at hand. Are you curious how you can fully manage all your energy activities from one single cloud platform?


Request a demo via our website and we would be more than happy to explain to you all the possibilities our ICASA Suite can offer you. 


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