Discover the new functionalities of our ICASA Suite

JUNE 17, 2019
ICASA Suite new functionalities

We keep on developing and finetuning our ICASA Suite in order to be able to meet your needs and to offer you a solution as broad as possible. We would like to offer you this short overview of our most recent developments.

ICASA Suite new functionalities

Reconcile banking transactions

This enables you to manage the reconciliation of banking transactions – the part of the trade that the station manager has to pay to the owner of the network – in a neatly arranged way.

You can choose to do the reconciliation manually by comparing matching days and numbers, or you can choose to let the ICASA Suite calculate this for you automatically.

ICASA Suite - Metadata

Managing metadata

There are now ‘open’ fields provided that allow you to manage metadata yourself. In the past, there were only the fixed fields.

Charging points

You can now also manage the consumption of your electric recharging points via the ICASA Suite next to the usual types of fuel. Would you like to know more about how this works? Please do let us know via and we are more than happy to visit you to throw a light on this process.

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