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march 27, 2021
The power of data

The (energy) world is changing at a rapid pace, and as a technology partner for the energy sector we are following these changes closely, and of course we are evolving along with them.


More than ever is it important to be a game changer. Facing the current challenges and translating them into solutions to help our customers, that’s what we stand for. That’s why we keep on developing and fine tuning our ICASA Suite in order to be able to meet your needs and to offer you a solution as broad as possible allowing you to optimize the business processes of your company.


With our multi-energy approach, we provide you with the necessary tools to manage all your energy activities from beginning to end, regardless of the forecourt supplier with whom you cooperate. We’ve recently enhanced our ICASA Suite – which already offers an extensive range of functionalities – with new features for logisticsretail (stations & shops), fleet cards & authorization, and finance.


Are your curious how you can fully manage all your energy activities from one single cloud platform? Get in touch and we would be more than happy to explain to you all the possibilities our ICASA Suite can offer you.

ICASA suite new features
ICASA suite new features

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