C4T adds LNG & CNG to truck stop in Calais

march 29, 2021
C4T adds LNG-CNG to truck stop

The C4T Group has established a new entity, C4T Gaz, a joint venture between C4T and the HAM Group of Spain, which allows them to offer LNG and CNG at their truck stop in Calais.

ICASA helps Charge Point Operators (CPOs) to automate and streamline subscription-based billing for EV charging services. Sven Renders, e-Mobility & Energy Technology Manager at ICASA, explains.

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The C4T Group – headquartered in Madrid with activities in Belgium, France, Spain and the UK – is providing commercial road transport companies and their drivers with secure parking, fueling and service facilities across Europe. In 2016 it acquired its first secure truck parking and fueling facility, which is located on the outskirts of Calais (France).

Intensify partnership

For the operational and financial management of the truck stop the ICASA Energy Suite is in place, already for several years. ‘With our ICASA Suite we offered C4T a solution that enables them to manage everything from a to z’, Martine Thijs – Global Strategic Accounts at ICASA Group – explains. ‘C4T can control all truck stop activities, third party fuel card transactions and their accounting all from one central management system. As they are growing as an organization and expanding their international business portfolio and service offering within the European commercial road transport sector, we intensify our partnership.

Ambitious expansion plan

The acquisition of the truck stop was the beginning of an ambitious plan where we see C4T expanding its presence throughout Europe in the years ahead; through partnerships with other truck stops, further acquisitions and new to industry developments’, Stuart Madden – COO of the C4T Group – explains.


‘As we look towards the future, a better and cleaner future, we realize a growing number of customers are exploring alternative fuels. As their service provider, C4T must follow. Hence we’ve now established C4T Gaz, a new entity, a joint venture between ourselves and the HAM Group of Spain (leader in the comprehensive service of liquefied natural gas and compressed natural gas), which allows us to offer LNG and CNG at our truck stop in Calais. And we can even offer these fuels throughout Europe via our C4T Gaz Card, which is accepted across the HAM Group’s network’.

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