Are your service stations ready for the future?

september 27, 2021

To grow its service stations, our customer Prova Oil has invested in HVO 100 vegetable oil. ‘HVO stands for Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil’, service station owner Dirk Prové explains.

‘This type of diesel fuel is produced on the basis of hydrotreated vegetable oils and residual waste, such as animal fats. The number ‘100’ behind HVO indicates that it is a sustainable diesel of high quality in the purest form (100%), and therefore not mixed. In the Scandinavian countries, companies receive a tax advantage if they fill up with HVO 100. In Belgium it is still very new.’

According to Dirk Prové, the quality of HVO 100 exceeds that of traditional, fossil diesel. ‘Yet you can easily mix everything, and the classic diesel engines do not need to be modified. I’m driving it now as a test. In our country there are only 7 places where you can refuel, and then mostly for trucks. I strongly believe in the future possibilities. The consumption has decreased with this fuel by about 1.5 liters. Only the price is of course still a working point. At 2.73 euros per liter, the government should make an effort to give this alternative fuel a boost,’ concludes the service station owner.

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