A new milestone for Aketi!

september 27, 2020
Non-profit organization Aketi

With the international growth of ICASA, we find it important to contribute to the international community as well as to local initiatives. In our March edition we already talked about our partnership with the non-profit organization Aketi, who focuses entirely on humanitarian and social projects related to the fundamental necessities such as health, education and training of the population in Aketi.

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Even in these challenging times, the non-profit organization Aketi continues to work on their humanitarian projects in Aketi, located in the north of Congo, 450 km from Kisangi. ‘Drinkable water is one of our priorities’, explains Rina Peeters – one of the founders of the organization. ‘Today there are only 4 wells (of which only 3 are still working) which is obviously far too little for the entire community. We are currently busy drilling 6 new wells and repairing the defective ones, so that the inhabitants can use 10 wells of approximately 40m deep.

In each of the 6 districts of Aketi there will be drinkable water and an additional well for the hospital. 2 wells will be equipped with an electric pump powered by solar panels. It’s a huge operation. Drilling the wells themselves is less difficult than transporting all that material on site. The truck with the parts for repairing the existing wells arrived in Aketi from Kisangani after 4 days on terrible roads.’

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‘The spouting water from the first drilled well is a fact! This is an emotional moment, not only for the residents, but also for us. After years of preparation, this is another milestone! We would like to thank all people and companies that support us. Thanks to these donations, we have more possibilities to further realize our projects and support inhabitants of Aketi’, Rina concludes.

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