ICASA and Azpiral launch partnership

ICASA recently partnered with Azpiral. Azpiral, is a loyalty software company based in Ireland. With this partnership, ICASA can extend its services and offer its customers a fully integrated loyalty platform.

The energy sector is ever evolving, and with the ICASA Suite we stay closely on track of these developments. Moreover, with more than 30 years of experience in the energy sector, ICASA has become a game changer with its total and integrated cloud solution that can manage all downstream activities.

Integration of AzpiralPRO loyalty platform and ICASA Suite
Azpiral ‘It is essential to rapidly respond to the needs of our customers as they continue to grow’, Rudi Bollen - CEO of ICASA - explains. ‘As we strive to offer our customers a total and integrated solution, ICASA continuously develops and improves its services and solutions. The integration of the AzpiralPRO loyalty platform creates the opportunity to take it one step further as both organizations have specialized expertise and knowledge. Therefore, this can only result in a constructive and efficient cooperation.’

Personalized offers and promotion in real time

Azpiral partnership‘With our cloud-based solution AzpiralPRO, we allow our clients to capture and analyze consumer basket data for both in-store and online purchases. Furthermore, Azpiral facilitates customers with automated personalized offers and promotions in real time’, Kevin Nolan – Sales Director and founding member of Azpiral- highlights. ‘Recently, we implemented our loyalty platform across 350 AVIA petrol stations in the Netherlands’, Kevin Nolan continues. ‘The five member groups of AVIA Netherlands requested an integrated loyalty solution that could function across the entire group, but each of the members could only access their customer data. We integrated with the ICASA Suite and all customer touchpoints, FuelPOS, OPT, fuel cards, AVIA app, website and AVIA Web shop. To be able to award loyalty on their fuel cards, we made sure our loyalty platform integrates effortlessly with the ICASA Suite.’